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Regenerative Leadership

+ Lifestyle Retreat

January 23-26, 2025

Additional dates coming soon

Cultivate professional excellence and design innovation in a curated setting for ambitious leaders.  Immerse yourself in a purposeful weekend retreat amid the serene backdrop of nature, offering strategic contemplation.

Retreat with Karen + Kelley

to Casa Alternavida, situated between the

Puerto Rican rainforest + the Atlantic Ocean. 

Seeking fresh inspiration on your latest project?


Operating from value-alignment or uncertainty?

Making a difference, while maintaining personal well-being?

Are you prioritizing time to recognize the importance of balancing impactful work with personal well-being?

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to recharge while fostering professional growth.  Explore the synergies between personal development and collective progress, strategically shaping your impact to the built environment.  Join us for an exclusive Regenerative Leadership + Lifestyle Retreat where meaningful connections and innovative ideas converge, elevating your influence + refining your professional legacy.




“The times are urgent, let us slow down”

Bayo Akomolafe


Are you ready to embark on a weekend retreat, immersed in nature's exquisite beauty, meticulously crafted as a personal impact accelerator for you?  Each day unfolds with revitalizing yoga on your private rooftop and unique morning excursions through lush natural ecosystems.  In the afternoons, unwind on expansive sand beaches, surrounded by breathtaking horizons.

Indulge in fresh, organic meals prepared in-house by Casa Alternavida's skilled culinary team, ensuring a local gastronomic experience that complements the natural splendor.  This is not just a getaway; it's an opportunity to carve out dedicated time for a rejuvenating personal pause - a chance to reconnect and recenter.


Am I up for the challenge ?!




  • Kelley, our Steward of Sustainability, functions as the linchpin, akin to a Queen Bee. As a seasoned sustainability architect, EcoRise mentor, and avid yogi, Kelley orchestrates the delicate dance of nature and healthy systems with finesse. Impeccably organized and brimming with knowledge, she ensures the hive not only thrives but produces the sweet honey of success.

  • Karen, our Hummingbird Maestro, expertly sampling the nectar of all that is sweet and beautiful, poised to share these bounties with others. If you crave the pollination of an authentically regenerative world, watch out for Karen. She cross-pollinates meadows of flourishing diversity, creating a vibrant tapestry that will capture your curiosity and attract reflection of interconnectedness.

  • Yancy, our Illuminating Firefly, blazes a trail for everyone he encounters. A builder and heavy lifter, fireflies, being part of the beetle family, boast unparalleled strength – a quality reflected in Yancy's purposeful and determined approach. With a grand vision, he lights the way with grace, inspiring a journey of unique, insightful personal discovery that deepens your own understanding.


What trajectory will define your future endeavors?

Let's explore and uncover the journey ahead, collaboratively!


Tentative Schedule


"Establishing Roots: A Purposeful Arrival"

  • Beach walk

  • Personal reflection time

  • Dinner

  • Evening ritual



"Harmony in Nature: Reflections of a Rainforest Ecosystem"

  • Morning yoga

  • Morning ritual

  • Breakfast

  • Morning connection

  • Nature excursion

  • Lunch

  • Personal reflection time

  • Beach walk

  • Dinner

  • Evening ritual



"Illuminating Strategies: Channeling Seaside Energy"

  • Morning yoga

  • Morning ritual

  • Breakfast

  • Morning connection

  • Nature excursion

  • Lunch

  • Personal reflection time

  • Beach walk

  • Dinner

  • Evening ritual


"Legacy in Bloom: The Power of Regenerative Commitment"

  • Morning yoga

  • Morning ritual

  • Breakfast

  • Morning connection

  • Airport transfers

What's included?

  • Spend 3 nights - 4 days surrounded by lush tropical vegetation; sleeping in unique rooms that are infused with the spirit medicine of different animals. Which spirit animal calls you? Scroll down to see all the options.

  • Three daily farm-to-table organic meals prepared by a local chef (Puerto Rican cuisine). Snacks, coffee, juice, tea & infused water are also included.

  • Nature excursions to El Yunque National Rainforest & beaches.

  • Daily yoga classes to tune into your mind, body, and soul

  • Transportation to nature excursions.

  • (One) Pre & (one) post 30 minute integration calls


What's not included?

  • Airfare to Puerto Rico

  • Shuttle service to the airport will be available per request

  • Travel Insurance

  • Extra services & excursions

  • Items of personal use

  • Gratuities to staff

Airport*: San Juan (SJU) International Airport

  • *Please ensure your flight arrives by 3 pm on Thursday, and your flight departs no earlier than 1:30 pm on Sunday. This ensures that you will be able to participate in the full retreat.



Deposit will be required to secure your spot


Double Occupancy (Private bathroom)

  • Creative Coqui Room - Early bird - $2,294

  • Sleepy Serpent - Early bird - $2,294


Single Occupancy (Shared bathroom)

  • Hummingbird - Early bird - $2,494

  • Dragonfly - Early bird - $2,494

  • Mindful Moth - Early bird - $2,494


Single Deluxe Accommodations (Private bathroom)

  • Hermit Crab - Early bird - $2,794

  • Humble Bee - Early bird - $2,794

  • Blissful Butterfly - Early bird- $2,894


*Room availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis and retreat size is limited to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Payment plans are available.

*Cancellation policy: Should you need to cancel your space, all payments become non-refundable if you cannot fill your spot. If you can fill your spot with a replacement, you will receive all payments back.


*Early bird ends 90 days prior to retreat.

Minimum attendees required for retreat to happen:

*This retreat has a capacity of 12. We reserve the right to cancel this retreat if there are less than 6 signed up sixty days prior. Those registered will receive full reimbursement.

We’re always working on multiple time horizons between the urgency of the present, and the need to take a longer view.

- Roman Krznaric

Author: The Good Ancestor - How to think long-term in a short-term world

We’d love to bring your vision to life. Let’s talk.

We'll be in touch soon!

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