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Green Roofs


[sam•ska•ra] / səmzˈkärə / noun

The Meaning of

It is the intention behind the action that gives power to that action.

The prefix sam means well planned, well thought out, and kara means “the action undertaken.” Thus, “samskara” means "the impression of, the impact of, the action we perform with full awareness of its potential."

Meet Kelley.


Kelley Tapia, a visionary in the field of architecture with over 20 years of directing high-profile projects, stands at the forefront of sustainable and regenerative design. A licensed architect with a deep-rooted passion for nature's genius, Kelley has dedicated her career to creating spaces that not only meet today's needs but also nurture future generations. Her journey in sustainable buildings is marked by a commitment to regenerative capacity - the belief that true sustainability enhances the ability of all living beings to co-evolve, thereby enriching our planet's diversity, complexity, and creativity.

Kelley’s leadership in design is shaped by empathy and an understanding garnered from extensive experience on both sides of the built environment design process. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at EcoRise, an organization she joined first as a volunteer, driven by her intention to effect positive global change through mentorship and education. Her credentials include being a LEED and WELL-accredited professional, and a Fitwel Ambassador. Kelley’s focus remains steadfast on driving future design solutions that prioritize sustainability and well-being. ​ Beyond her professional pursuits, Kelley finds solace and inspiration in nature. She is an avid cyclist, often exploring trails on her gravel bike, and enjoys hiking in diverse landscapes like Colorado, the Catskills, and the Berkshires. ​ With a career marked by bridging sectors, organizations, and individuals, Kelley excels in bringing structure to complex challenges and fostering collaborative environments. Her work goes beyond constructing sustainable buildings; it is about laying the foundation for a future where life in all its forms thrives. Kelley believes in the power of collective efforts to address the interconnected challenges we face, and she invites others to join her in this mission: to build a sustainable, regenerative future.

Green Balconies

What Our Clients Say.

Challenge: Using Technology to enhance Well-Being + Sustainability in the Workplace 

"We had a chance to work together for a year or so on an innovative set of projects combining architecture and technology to build a Workplace Experience Accelerator Program for a client in the Technology sector. 

Kelley’s leadership with the client team and mentorship with the internal team was critical to the successful outcome. She leads with empathy, helping us all to achieve our best work. Kelley has an optimistic and enthusiastic nature. She is also extremely passionate about issues that impact people and she is not afraid to stand up for what is right."

- Longtime Colleague

Our Goals.

We take seriously our responsibility to serve humanity. We believe in service with every fiber of our being - both with clients and in daily life. It’s our purpose in life.

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